Monday, August 8, 2011

Another ode to someone special~

I just wanted to add how THANKFUL I am for "this guy I live with." He puts up with SO much stress and just takes care of everything. By next week, after I've had my surgery, he will be taking care of my two cats, feeding them, cleaning their cat box, playing with them, making sure ONE of them (*cough* CLEO) doesn't keep peeing everywhere, and making sure the other one (*cough*CHICKEN) stays out of trouble. He will also be taking care of Osi, feeding him by hand daily, trying to see if he'll eat crickets, giving him 2 doses of meds (which requires holding him so that he can't squirm away and then trying to shove a syringe into his mouth that he has clamped shut rather well), and cleaning out his tank daily, giving him clean water and constantly watching the temperature of the tank for three weeks. On top of all of that, I won't be able to help him with it because I'll be all loopy and recovering from surgery for probably the first few days. Not only will I not be able to help, I'll be requiring care of my own. Besides going with me to pre-op appointments, driving me to the hospital the day of my surgery, staying with me all day and all night, then going home to take care of the pets, then coming back to the hospital when they release me, and making sure I have everything I need, he'll be helping me by getting me drinks, vitamins, mushies, running to the store, picking up prescriptions, keeping the house clean, keeping up on dishes, keeping up on laundry, making his own food, just generally being my man-servant. And to add to his long list of to-dos, he has to keep working his full time job through all of this. Geesh, I'm exhausted for him already.

But I am so thankful for him. I don't know what I would do without him! :) So I just wanted to throw this up here so that he knows that I'm not un-aware of all he does/is going to be doing for me. I just want him to know how wonderful and amazing and awesome he is for taking on all these responsibilities when he absolutely didn't have to. <3


  1. Whata guy! Sounds like a keeper!

  2. I love warm squishy posts. :)

    I'm glad that you have someone to help take care of you.