Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tacky Pants

One of my fellow bloggers posted the most inspirational blog a while ago... Tacky Pants (please click the title to read her original posting). In short, she turned a pair of her "goal jeans" which I know we all have, into a bulletin board of sorts! Great idea, right?! Instead of letting her goal jeans be hidden away in the dark depths of her closet, she decided to hang them on her wall as a constant, in her face reminder of her goals. Using her "goal jeans" as a bulletin board she pins anything inspirational and motivational to them. I so super love this idea, I had to copy :)

My jeans I hung up aren't actually my final goal jeans, they're just my FIRST goal jeans.

I'll be pinning much more to them as I find things that will motivate me and encourage me to stay focused and stay strong :) I highly encourage everyone follow suite if you need a good idea for motivation :)