Saturday, July 9, 2011

That hurt a little- not gonna lie!

I just made my first super important purchase toward my DS...the vitamins!

I ordered through VitaLady, of course. For anyone who isn't familiar with her, she is a regular on Obesity Help and she is a constant support to anyone who has questions about their blood labs or vitamins in general. She is, herself, a weight loss patient and very successful. Vitalady is passionate about what she does and it's obvious. She never pushes sales or advertises for herself. She's so awesome that everyone advertises for her--like I'm doing now, lol.

I ordered a 3 month supply of all the vitamins I'll need to start with, as well as MULTIPLE protein shake samples. Honestly about $100 of my order was just samples. I am very super sensitive to the smell of protein powders and I am really worried how I'll tolerate them, so I ordered a whole bunch of different flavors and brands so that I can experiment and hopefully find some that I like enough to order tubs of. I will be posting review blogs for them as I try them.

I've been putting this order off for a while because it is expensive, and it hurt my wallet quite a bit today, but it is 100% necessary and is not in any way, shape, or form negotiable. Vitamins and supplements are going to be my new #1 priority post op, as well as healthy high protein foods. New shoes can wait, new clothes can wait (I'll out grow them too fast anyway), nights out can wait. Vitamins first!

I am really excited to get my order. I love getting stuff in the mail to begin with, but this is going to be super fun for me. I'm slightly OCD when it comes to organizing and compartmentalizing things. I already have my vitamin organizer which I SUPER love, and I really cannot wait to start sorting out my pills and setting up! A lot of people hate doing that, I seriously love it. It makes me feel accomplished, organized, and ready to go.

Okay so I just placed the order 10 minutes ago...I wonder if they've shipped it yet?!? I'd better go check! ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 mean they listened??

I am so excited! I just got off the phone with Bridges (the name of the center I'm having my surgery at) and the gal I spoke with called me because of my complaint regarding the joke of a pre-op class I attended a couple weeks ago.

I had emailed my patient advocate and asked if I even had to go to the second pre-op class because the first one was so pointless and such a waste of my time. She jumped right on that and emailed the lady who normally does the pre-op classes (who was NOT the lady who was at the pre-op class I attended- hence the horrificness of it) and she called me right away. She apologized for the class being so horrible and said that the nurse who did give the pre-op class won't be doing it again. She wants to sit down with me and give me one on one pre-op classes and also get my opinions on how to better the pre-op class for DS patients! Now THAT is what I'm talking about :) I'm very glad to hear that they want to incorporate more DS information and make the pre-op class not all about the RNY.

I'll be going in for that on the 18th. I'll let you know how it goes :)

I'm very impressed with how quickly my complaints were escalated and listened too. Maybe all hope isn't lost just yet.