Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Magic Shoes

Hey ladies :)

I am pleased to announce that I am doing ANOTHER walk! That's FOUR!!! Actually, I'm cheating just a little bit. There's a YMCA 5K walk on the same day as the Nike Human Race run, so I'm going to do both, but track the first 5K for the YMCA walk and then go home and do the other 5K around my neighborhood :) Hey...I'm still walking 10K, I'm just changing locations half way through! :)

So a few of you asked about my shoes. They're the new Nike Lunar Glide women's shoe and here is the link:

I have high arches and these have a built in arch support. They also are specially designed so that those of us who's thunder thighs push their feet sideways (yes, it's true) the padding on these shoes is specially designed to keep your feet level :) Anyway, the link tells all about them. If you're serious about running/walking, then the BEST thing you can do for yourself is get a really good pair of shoes :) And these are truly magic.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What's Happening To Me???

As you all know, I got my Nike shoes that I super love. I thought they were a pretty good price for shoes w/a hole in them (for the ipod sensor). What I didn't expect was what else came with the shoes! They're magic! All of a sudden I WANT to walk more, faster, longer, further. That's never happened before. Now I find that I'm super into sponsored walks for good causes! I'm signed up for THREE next month! Whoa!

October 11th- 2009 Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure (5K walk)

October 24th- 2009 The Human Race 10K- Nike- "The Day The World Runs." (10k RUN-but I'm walking, lol)

October 31st- 2009 JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Walk To Cure Diabetes (5K walk)

Seriously! Three walks that have a "K" in them! That's a first for me :) I'm SO excited! I'll be posting photos of each one as I do them, of course :)

Strange Dreams

Last night when I went to bed I was thinking about this morning, about whether or not I wanted to set my alarm to give me enough time for a power walk in the morning, or if I wanted to sleep in. I decided to compromise and set my alarm to get up in time for a power walk, but not actually go walking, just to get in the habit of waking up earlier. I just knew I wasn't going to feel up to walking in the morning.
Then I fell asleep. As I drifted off into unconscious bliss, my celebrity crush (who shall remain anonymous) slowly wandered into my dream world. We were "dating" in my dream and I was so crazy about him. I just always wanted to be around him and I was hanging off of him constantly. He didn't really seem THAT into me though. At some point I was trying to kiss him (I know right?? I'm a married woman!!) and he wasn't really giving in, so in typical Stephanie fashion, I got my feelings hurt. He felt bad, so he started kiss me back (thank you dream gods!) and then did one of those moves where they grab you on your upper thigh right below your butt and lift you up onto their hips...yeah, only it didn't work so well. Why? Because I'm still fat in my dream!! What the heck. So, he somehow manages to lift me up, only I look at his face and he is in AGONY over how freaking heavy I am, but he knows if he drops me I'll be embarrassed, so he's trying w/all his might to keep me lifted. He walks me over to the couch where his arms finally give out and he drops me into the cushions. He apologizes (out of breath) and explains that he's really into me, but I'm just too heavy and big for him to be with me the way I want. :(
So my alarm goes off and wakes me up, and I wake up embarrassed and hurt. And no one is around but my husband, so I feel embarrassed and hurt by him. This is common- the transfer of dream emotions. So instead of slugging my way out to the couch to be lazy before work, I instantly put on my work out clothes, laced up my Nikes, activated my Nike+ on my iPod, gave my husband a hug and kiss (out of guilt for dream kissing another guy, even though my husband didn't even exist in my dream, but still), filled up my water bottle, and took off down the street. I did over a mile again today, but I accidentally turned the dang thing off after .2 miles, so my work out history isn't completely accurate. Oh well.
Now I am enjoying my breakfast after my workout while I update this :)
Today's Breakfast:
*1 Sandwich Thins bun (2 slices)- toasted
*2 tbs organic almond butter smeared over the 2 toasted Sandwich Thins
*1/2 granny smith apple sliced into thin slices and placed on top of the almond butter covered toast
Not bad :)