Saturday, July 16, 2011


This morning was a great reminder for how excited I am to have this piece of garbage taken out of me in 17 days! I had a toasted bagel with whipped cream cheese for breakfast. I got almost all of one half of it down before I was running to the bathroom throwing it up. Never mind the fact that I had this same thing the night before with NO problems at all. I'm just tired of the inconsistency of it. I can eat a full rack of ribs with all the fries one day, and the next I'm choking on apple sauce! It just makes no sense. If it were all the same then at least there'd be some understanding that I'm too tight or something, but with this constant back and forth...UGH! I am soooooo excited for it to be 17 days from now so that I won't have to worry about the PBs and the foaming and the throwing up and the pain in my chest that makes it hard to breath when something gets stuck!

In other news, I discovered I'm allergic to bananas. I love them, and whenever I eat them my inner ear itches like crazy. Sometimes the roof of my mouth does too. When I looked these symptoms up online I discovered they are allergic reactions. Interesting! It's not bad enough to make me not want to eat bananas ever again, hell no! But still, good to know :) If you couldn't tell from my tone in the above topic, I like knowing what to expect!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend! I'm going to be doing some pre-op shopping (blender balls, soups, diet power aids- that sort of stuff) and then hitting the drive-in to see a double feature. I am not even going to attempt to see Harry Potter this weekend, I'll wait for a week day when it won't be as congested.

Until tomorrow...


I will be posting every single day until my surgery, so the count down is officially on!

As you may notice I am making some changes to my blog...just felt like updating it and got some good inspiration from my friend over on Vanishing Mom's blog. I have to keep up with the times and trends :)

So I got some slightly bad news today- not in the long run, but for the short run definitely. I was originally told that the self pay amount for me to have my band removed (since my insurance isn't covering it!) would be $2500 so that's what I was saving for and planning on. Well today I was told that it would be closer to $4000!! :/ yikes! I'm kind of stressing about it to be honest, but thanks to my wonderful OH family I have some good advice to try out. First I'm going to make sure that they are charging me the BC/BS contracted price, not the full self pay price. Second, when my surgeon is inside my guts I'm going to have him take special note of ANYTHING he sees that might be the cause of why this lap-band has failed me. Then I can take that info and re-appeal the insurance company's decision to deny coverage for non-medical reasons. They might approve my appeal with actual surgeon notes saying "this" is why it was medically necessary. I'm not going to hold my breath, but it's worth a shot. And as one person said, in a couple years I won't even miss that money. I knew this would be expensive, but at least it's not as bad as being a full self pay.

Well back to trying to spruce up the ol' blog! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ok NOW it's official! (t-minus 19)

I thought I'd be having my surgery on August 1st but it got moved back to August 3rd. Not a big deal, but still...that's two whole days!!!!!!! I'll be sitting around on Monday thinking "well by now I'd be in surgery" and "I should be coming out of surgery right now!" and "instead of working today I could have been in a hospital bed recovering!"

So on Monday the 18th I have my private pre-op classes. Then I have some pre-op testing and labs to do. Then I have a pre-op appointment with someone else...geesh, it's hard to keep track. I would like it if they could just call me the morning of the days that they need me for something and just say "be here by this time today." That'd be easier.

My vita-lady order should be here on Monday, so I'm very excited about that! And I do have a lot of things to do still, so I'm sure I'll actually realize I'm grateful for an extra two days to prep.

19 days and counting!!