Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Work Out/Fill

Well I had my first fill last Friday. It went well. It doesn't hurt any more than having your blood drawn. It's a very awkward sensation having the needle hit the port though, hard to describe. I was given 4 ccs. Usually most patients only get 2 to start with, but since I've been complaining about having ZERO restriction since the day I got out of the hospital, she put more in me. Honestly I'm STILL not feeling the restriction! It's a bit frustrating, but I know that some people take a few fills to get that "sweet spot." Hopefully mine will be found soon!
At the appt, my Dr. said that she'll let me start working out on my elliptical again. I was supposed to wait 6 weeks, and it was 5 when she said I could. It's because I'm her favorite and I'm a fast healer :)
Well...originally my fitness instructor told me not to do more than 5 minutes/day to start with because it will take a while to ease back into. *phhhhhssshhh* yeah right! 5 minutes?? That's all?? So I decided to do 10 minutes on my elliptical and then 10 minutes of weights! OUCH! I felt ok while I was actually working out, other than winded. But as soon as I was done and I went to go make my breakfast I about passed out on the kitchen floor! Once the eggs were safely back in the fridge I went and laid down. I felt like I was going to be sick, or black out at least.
That was nuts, I was working out a LOT longer than that BEFORE surgery, so why on earth was 20 minutes more than I could handle? Well, I guess I'm not as fast of a healer as I thought :( So I took today off from working out to "heal" from yesterday's episode!
Tomorrow I will try again. And I will only do 5 minutes :) By next week I'll be able to move to 10 minutes, then 20 the week after and so on.