Monday, December 27, 2010

Just one thing after another

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

Ok so here's what's been happening:

* I didn't have my revision because 3 days BEFORE my scheduled surgery, the insurance denied my appealed request for coverage stating that it's not medically necessary. They didn't feel that we presented them with any new information.

*My insurance wants me to write out a new letter with why I feel that the surgery should be covered and why I feel that my claim is medically necessary. I'll be getting the original letters and information sent to them from my surgeon so that I can see exactly what my surgeon's office said.

As I'm sure you all can guess, I am so extremely frustrated. I have until the end of January to write my personal appeal, so for now I'm just trying to recover from the holidays before I start stressing about that.

If anyone has any good pointers or tips on what to put in my appeals letter, PLEASE let me know.

Happy New Year!!