Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chew On This...

I'm on my last full day of my liquid diet and have already had some mushies. I just can't live off liquids for that long, my body needs fuel!! So far I had a soft cheese stick, and it went down just fine, no discomfort at all. Then I had some fat free refried beans and the protein in that really made me feel more awake :)
But I'm still feeling hungry for more solid food!
One tip I've found that really works for me and helps curb my appetite is chewing gum :)
Now, MY Dr. says gum is a No-No! But the reason for that is that if I swallow it and it gets stuck, they have to fish it out because it won't go down past my band. Hmm...I personally find that a little hard to believe, but whatever. All that really tells me is not to swallow my gum :) I only chew minty sugar free kinds. I'm really not worried about the 5 calories I get from it. Because, those 5 calories save me from eating a lot more. For me, when I have something cool and minty in my mouth at all times, it makes me not want to eat anything else, because nothing tastes good after gum, lol. Maybe that's just me...but it does work for me.
I was trying to find the commercial for that gum where the lady is at the mall and she comes up the escalator and lands in front of a cookie shop and says something along the lines of "It's ok, I have gum!" or something like that ( I don't recall exactly). Now THAT is a bit of a stretch. One stick of gum in no way compares to fresh from the oven cookies! But, it does help me not worry so much about food not being in my mouth when I have some gum in there instead :)