Sunday, June 6, 2010

Revision Update

So I've FINALLY made some progress with my revision, so I thought I'd share :)

First the bad...

My Lap-Band surgeon's RN (the one who I always see who gives me fills), she lied to me and completely caused me BUCKETS of stress this last week. The last time I went in for a fill (along with the fluoroscope) she told me that even if I needed to go to a different bariatric surgeon to get my revision surgery to the DS, that she would "absolutely" write me a letter of medical necessity for the insurance company. Without that letter, my insurance company won't approve my request for this revision. Well, I called the other day to get said letter that she promised me, and I was told that she would not write me one!

I broke down into a million little pieces and cried for about half an hour. I have been working SO hard arranging this other surgeon who can see me soon and get my surgery scheduled soon. It's going to cost me SO much money in airfare and time off work, which I consider a small price for my health, but one second she just ruined EVERYTHING I have spent the last couple of months working toward. I am so angry at her. Clearly she is only concerned with her own practice that she doesn't have her patient's well being in mind if they aren't going to be statistics for her surgeon.

Now for the good news...she can kiss my butt! I called my insurance company and told them what happened and they said that I can have my referral letter written by any bariatric surgeon, such as the one I am going to go to for my revision! And of course he'll write it because he wants me as a patient! I called the new surgeon and he fully agreed that he writes the referral letters all the time and will absolutely write mine unless he finds some medical reason that I should not have this surgery. As I am not at all worried about that...a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

I bought my airline tickets last night (first class to avoid the utter humiliation of them possibly asking me to buy a second seat! To me that's worth the extra cost, and really if I had to buy 2 seats it's only like $50 more and saves all the embarrassment..AND it's for medical reasons write off!) for June 17th...I'll spend Friday the 18th in appointments and consultations ALL day.

I'm hoping to come back with an estimated surgery date!! So, of course, I will keep you all posted!