Thursday, May 27, 2010


THANK YOU all so much for your support! I very much appreciate it :)
So a lot of you have asked to hear more about the DS (duodenal switch), so instead of trying to type it out myself and bore you to death, I am going to insert a lot of the documents I've found that led me to this decision.
**I also want to make myself clear, I am NOT anti- any specific surgery. I do not think that one surgery is better for everyone than another...I am simply demonstrating why I PERSONALLY am going with the DS and why this is a good choice for ME. Please do not let me influence anyone one way or the other, it is important that everyone research all of their options and decide what is best for them!**
This article does a very good job of explaining the DS vs RNY: click
This article is why super obese patients should have DS (which I am considered super obese so I enjoyed this article): click
One of my fellow OH members has a post on her profile that is very helpful and lays out myths and facts about the DS too: click
Basically...if you don't want to read all of that stuff...MY reasons for converting to DS, in a nutshell, are this:
*I am not going to be successful with restriction alone, I need the malabsorptive features as well.
*I do not want to have dumping syndrome. Some people use this to keep them from eating sweets, but I want to eat some sweets, sometimes...I enjoy it and I should be able to enjoy my food.
*I want a fully functioning stomach. I do not want a stoma that will eventually stretch out anyway.
*I love high fat foods. Why should I have to give up everything if I don't have to? Since when is having WLS a punishment? DSers only absorb 20% of the fat they eat.
*I want to be able to take advil or motrin if I have a headache...I cannot remember the FULL list of NSAIDs that I can't take!
*I LIKE being able to drink with my meals and use straws.
*Ultimately, it comes down to you want to spend your time worrying about your food or vitamins? I'd rather deal with the vitamins...I've spend plenty of time worrying about the food.
Now...having said all of that...I know many people who have been completely successful with RNY and don't have near the problems I'm trying to avoid by going the DS rout. I also know MANY of you who have the band who have been very successful and not had any of the problems I've experienced.
This post is not intended to try to sway or encourage anyone one way or the other, PLEASE do not get into a surgery war on my blog...that's not my goal. I am simply presenting another option that I wish I'd heard about before getting my band.