Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sorry about my previous post...I know it left a lot to the imagination, hopefully you made it interesting.

A brief explanation for the madness:

I have been trying for forever to get my surgeon to give me some info on my revision, and I wasn't getting it.

An update:
Having had it up to HERE (if you could see where here was, you'd know how pissed I was) with being ignored, after being promised I was a "v.i.p. patient" I decided to discard my halo and send a very un-Steph-ish email to the surgeon's office through their new patient email section. In not so many not nice words I expressed my intense dissatisfaction at my treatment of late and gave them until this Friday to make me feel better or else the next time I contact them it will be with a new location they can send my files too.

"Coincidentally" my surgeon's assistant (Melissa...I've explained her in prev. posts) just happened to get more information to give me today and actually called! Amazing how it just happened to be right after I sent the email that she didn't bring up. (I'll confess now, I still love her even though she drives me crazy sometimes.)

Long conversation and lots of eye rolling short, they FINALLY have an exact date for their training, and that means I have a time frame for my actual surgery date! Their training date is November 15th, so that means my surgery date should be within the following week. At first that bummed me out, but I realized, after much rational and grown up non-temper tantrum throwing thought, that really even if I went through someone else at this point, they wouldn't be able to get me in any faster. And it would cost a lot more and I'd have to take way more time off work to travel out of state. No thanks.

So it looks like the ball is finally rolling and I am excited about that, even if it's later than I had hoped. All is on the well-ish side...for now :)