Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product Review: Hershey's Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup

To all of the Strawberry Milk fans out there....are there any left?? Well I LOVE strawberry milk, always have!

I found this SUGAR FREE strawberry syrup at the store and almost peed my pants out of excitement. Perhaps it was also because my inner child was awoken full force, she's not always potty trained.

As soon as I got home with my bright red bottle of childhood goodness now packed with adult responsibility and a fresh carton of milk I immediately made a glass.

My first reaction to the sugar free syrup was that it is incredibly thin liquid, it's not syrup by any definition. It's red water with some flavor. And that is where my little soiled pantsed inner child went back into remission and angry adult consumer came out instead. The flavor is horrible! I can't even describe it, it's kind of sour, kind of bitter but not even remotely strawberry-y. I was going to return the bottle back to the store but my inner child arose one last time and had a temper tantrum and threw the bottle in the trash.

How disappointing. I had really wanted that to work because I won't be drinking high calorie high sugar drinks much after my revision. I know I can have it as a treat once in a while, but I usually have good luck with sugar free versions of my favorites. This just was not one of them.

Hold out for the real stuff, it's the only way to go in a strawberry milk for your inner child sort of situation.

A Bit Bummed :(

**WARNING** this post is a pitty party for myself. I'm just whining because I need an outlet.

One of my very best friends in the entire world wants to write me off because of an argument we got in over work related issues :( It shouldn't have effected our friendship at all, but she basically told me (after I apologized even though I have nothing really to be sorry for-I'm passive aggressive) that she's done with me. Maybe this work issue is just what broke the camel's back. Maybe she's been ready to be done with me for a while...that's the only thing that makes sense, otherwise this tiny stupid insignificant work issue would not have been enough to end an entire friendship.

She was supposed to go to the hospital with me for my surgery :( And now I'm sure she won't be. I'm so bummed. I really needed her for support and just to have her there with me. I support her in everything and now she's abandoned me all because she got her panties in a twist over something stupid :( I guess our friendship wasn't that strong.

And now I'm just frustrated because I was counting on her in the first place. Maybe I shouldn't count on anyone because they all have the ability to let me down. Or maybe this is one of those life lessons where I'll learn to count on myself and only myself.

In all reality I won't be by myself, I do have other people who love me and would not abandon me over such stupid little arguments, and one in particular who will be by my side the entire time. But again, this is a pitty party and I wanted to be dramatic and negative.

To those of you who are still with me and haven't given up on me, I so appreciate you!! Your constant support and encouragement is what keeps me going!