Monday, August 8, 2011

...5... (an ode to Osi)

I'm a tad late on this post. But I had a really rough day :( Seems those are in high supply around here lately. This post is not at all about my surgery or food or anything WLS related. It is about my pet who is not doing good right now :( Don't worry if you skip this blog, tomorrow's will be back on topic.

This morning I woke up to by precious baby lizard, Osiris (we call him Osi- sounds like Ozzy), acting completely bonkers. He was walking around his tank like he was drunk, he couldn't walk straight, he kept bumping into things, he kept falling off his branch, he was tilting his head, etc. He had never acted that way before and it freaked me out. He kept falling over like his equilibrium was thrown off. It broke my heart to see him like that. But I didn't know what to do and it's Sunday so vets aren't open. I decided to just watch him for a bit because he was 100% fine yesterday and nothing changed that I knew of. But then he went from running around drunk to lethargic. Not just lethargic but like he was laying down to die. He hung his head, he didn't care where he was laying, just any random place would do, he wasn't alert when I picked him up...I was scared shitless. So we found an emergency exotic pet vet and dashed him over there. I was in tears all day. When my dad called and I explained what was happening he goes "Really Stephanie? You're spending money for a vet for a LIZARD? Is it even worth it? Just go buy a new one." :((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know that lizards aren't the most popular pet, I know some people find them gross or creepy or think of them as just a rodent, but I don't think that way. I love lizards, I've always been fascinated by them, and I LOVE Osi soooooo much!! He has the best personality!! Did you even know that lizards have personalities? Well they do, and my little man had the BEST! He's only 2 months old and he's a Bearded Dragon (they are the best for personalities). He hugs my fingers, he sleeps in my hand all curled up or sprawled out. He sticks his tongue out, he bobs his head to music, he stares down the cats like "come at me bro!", even though they are like 10 times his size, lol. He's all of 6 grams compared to a 12 lb cat, lol. He is so cute when he chases crickets, he eats them legs first so he makes them watch their death, he's a BAMF. He loves warm baths and falls asleep in my hands when he has them. He takes HUGE poops and then stands proudly next to them with his head held high until I clean them up. He scratches his head with his back legs, like a doggy :) *tear* I just love him so much, he's so cute and he is a constant source of entertainment for us. He is not boring nor does he just lay around all day. Well, until today that is :( he's sick and I don't know what it is. We took him to the vet and there are a number of things we are trying. Some aren't so serious and he should perk right back up if that's the problem...others are as serious as you can get. :( For now we're just following the vet's orders and making him as comfortable and nourished as possible. There's nothing more we can do but sit back and wait to see if the meds we're giving him will make any difference. :( I love my little guy so much and I'm just a mess over the thought of losing him. I've only had him a month but he's already part of our family and even the cats love him (well...they love looking at him, the extent of their love vs their apatite is questionable). So yes Dad, Osi is very much worth it, he is worth every penny and prayer.

Osi sleeping on my hand as I watch tv

Osi chilling in his spa (it's a rock dish with water, but we call it his spa and he looks sooooo cute lounging in it!-- the red is because this is at night when his red light is on to keep him warm)

Osi a few days ago, he was following me around the room from his tank, everywhere I'd go, he'd run to that side of the tank and watch me. :)

I will keep you updated on his condition.

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  1. My daughter Lindsay was devastated when her hermit crabs all died because they're humidity went too low while we were on vacation.

    A pet is a pet.